Why can't I join lobbies?

You must sign in through Steam to join and post lobbies. This is to prevent legit players from using the site.

Is it safe to sign in through steam?

Steam only gives us your public information.

How do we ban users?

We can ban users by using the moderator panel.

Why do langauges not work?

We've had problems with people exploiting our site to spam lobbies or bypass the ban system, so having more files was a vulnerability.


  1. Do not use the site to get boosted as a legit player.
  2. Do not spam, don't post more than 3 lobbies in a row.
  3. Do not advertise, don't create lobbies to promote services.

  4. Do not vote kick or grief those who join your lobby.
  5. Do not threaten or impersonate moderators.
  6. Do not use web exploits.

Report a Player via Discord